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My work is influenced by everyday life and the world I see around me. I enjoy drawing and working with a variety of media. Recently I have developed my printing skills and I enjoy producing linocuts. I live in a small village near a river and my current work reflects the things I have observed around me there. Below is an explanation of the process involved in producing original linoprints.

What is a Linoprint?

An original linoprint is an original work of art made through the medium of printing. An original print is an image created by an artist from a plate. Each work has unique qualities and prints vary slightly as each one is printed individually. An edition is the total number of prints produced from a plate. After each edition is printed, each print is numbered and signed beneath the image. It is a 'limited' edition as it is limited to the number of prints that can be produced from plates before they wear out and break down. There is often confusion with machine produced reproduction prints. The plate from which the original print is made bears no resemblance to the finished work of art, so it is not a copy or reproduction. In fact the plate is the mirror image of the print and artists need to think and draw backwards. Each print produced is technically a unique work and it has been produced, signed and numbered as a multiple edition. An 'original reduction linoprint' refers to two colour, three colour or more reduction linoprints or  'suicide' prints (a term coined by Picasso). This means that as each new colour is added to the print more is cut away from the original plate so that the artist cannot return to the earlier point. There is no going back.

About me

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